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Vendor:Cindy Donovan et al
Product:Pixly Pro
Launch Date:2018-Aug-26
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$27
Market: JVZoo

So you are looking for a Pixly Pro Review, right?, well I have great news to you, we actually have the most honest Pixly Pro Review.

And  if you are reading this trying to find out if this product will solve your problems and really is what you are looking for, then keep reading;  first, we want to let you know that we only review products that  are worth it´s cost, and this is one of them.

We will only post here what we feel about the product, the features, the main problem it solves, pros and cons, the benefits and finally will let you know if we recommend  or not to buy Pixly Pro ,this way you will have a better idea of what is the product, how it works and if is really for you.

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I. Pixly Pro Review – Overview

Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to retarget your website visitors, I´m talking about FB pixel, but just imagine to do remarketing on several social networks, this can be a real nightmare … until now, please keep reading.

II. Pixly Pro Review -**What is Pixly Pro ?**

PixlyPro is an all in one platform that enables simple, “push button” remarketing, across 6 platforms. 

There is no need for complicated set ups, or multiple campaigns across many networks.

The software allows you to run laser sharp remarketing campaigns anywhere your customers are. 

But that’s not everything

PixlyPro also creates a “call to action” on any viral content, anywhere on the web – which is then re-targetted.

PixlyPro is therefore the ultimate “competitor Spying” software on the market today.

In short this software will allows you to deploy the power of pixel from the most commo nsocial networks to use remarketing campaigns all at once, without you messig up with the tedious pixel setup.

See how it works:

STEP 1: Create your promotional campaign

STEP 2: Let this little boy (software) do it´s job and make the remarketing on all your social networks.

STEP 3: Bank Cold Hard Cash from the traffic obtained.

III. Pixly Pro Review – **Main Features**

-Easy to use software
-All in one platform
-No skills required
-No experience required
-Newbie Friendly

IV. Pixly Pro Review -**Main Benefits**

-Do remarketing on several social networks at once.
-Can be implemented with free or paid traffic (ads)
-Brand new method
-Can be implemented immediately (just need to have social accounts and pixel configured)

-100% Money back guarantee, just in case you determine this is not for you.

V. Pixly Pro Review – **Why to Buy?**

Only buy this product if you are passionate about new ways to make money with trendy products and brand new ways to start your own online business. This software will allows you to get a lot of money while retargeting your last website visitors from the most common social networks.

Only buy this product if you are willing to dedicate the neccesary time to learn the method, once you are done you just need rinse and repeat.

This is not a push button software or something like that,  it requires just a little time to have it up and running.

PS: Can be easily outsourced

Only buy Pixly Pro today if you want to get it at the lowest price ever.

VI. Pixly Pro Review – **OTOs**

Front End

Facebook Pixels
Twitter Pixels
Pinterest Pixel
Google Pixel
LinkedIn Pixels
Quora Pixels
Call to Action Software

•   OTO1
Custom domain

Retargetting Academy

Chrome Extension


•   OTO2


•   OTO3

Reseller Package

VII. Pixly Pro Review – **My Final Veredict**
Fully recommended

VIII. Pixly Pro Review **Bonuses For Loyal Customers**

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IX. Pixly Pro – **How To Purchase and Get Bonuses From us?**

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