Is It Possible To Make $100 a Day On Clickbank Without Having a Website?

A lot of people is asking if it is possible to make $100 a day from Clickbank

Hello, Ching Yua here,

On this article I’m gonna be telling you how to make money promoting Clickbank products without a website,  that’s right guys, I’m gonna show you today how you can start doing pretty much immediately; you´ll need a website that it’s not gonna cost you a dollar and it’sabsolutely fantastic for earning some quick affiliate commissions using Clickbank.

I´ve been receiving a lot of questions about how to promote clickbank products and makesome money without actually having a website and without actually using any paid traffic at al.

I’m gonna show you guys a completely free method, but before we do that guys if you’re brand new to clickbank please go to Clickbank and register for a new account, it is totally free.

We´ll be using Clickbank affiliate offers to actually promote and make some affiliate commissions I’m gonna show how to do you this, I´ve been showing to other people and they are already doing this
and making a killing but with that being said guys I’m not gonna waste any more of your guys time I’m gonna start this right off first thing we need to do guys go over to the affiliate marketplacebecause of course this is worth every single offer on clicking I so what Inormally do guys for a video like this I come over here and pick a category picka niche I’ll be like health and fitness.

Well before we mobe one I need to tell you what are the most profitable and evergreen niches on the internet:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

So I do encourage you to promote products from any or all of these niches first.

So, to select a product you need togo over to the search bar, eneter a keyword and  just press in there and press the the search button and what this actually does is diguise it pretty much search through every single Clickbank product on Clickbank right now, what this did was it showed me every single product on Clickbank and it sorted it by popularity.

I mean these are the most popular products and these are the ones that are making the most sales on a day to day basis of course guys the top three right here alright so before I go any further,  I’m gonna breakdown the entire method step by step that way you guys know exactly what we’re doing here you guys what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be coming over to Clickbank find me a product we’re gonna be actually out emailing their support team or their affiliate team asking them for a review copy you know a free copy of their product that way we can go ahead.

Once we have the review copy we can look at it we can see if it’s good or not ,this way we can make a review video or a review blog article post or probably a video. A video review is definitely the way you guys want to go with this and then after that once you have the video is upload it to YouTube then we’re gonna leverage YouTube because of course it’s like the second biggest search engine in the entire world.

So we’re gonna be leveraging YouTube and Google so actually get our video views to get us some traction,  get us some traffic once our video starts getting  some views and some traffic, we’re gonna have in the description a link that will be the actual affiliate offer to link or the affiliate page or review post that we previous have made, so that eople come and see your review video and if they liked it they’ll click your link in the description and then go over to the affiliate page of the offer and buy it through your link, and at the end making you eanr some easy affiliate Commission.

Again this is completely for free and some people are already doing this and making an absolute killing doing it okay right over here guys
just pick one of these products I’mgonna pic k the second one the first one it’s too obvious we’re gonna pick this product right down here guys the new battery reconditioning course so guys we’re actually gonna be doing this method ourself we go over and we’d actually email or message the affiliate team or their support team and ask them or access to a review copy.

The key here guys is to ask for a review copy to the product vendor, this way you won´t have to purchase every single product you want to ptomote  from Clickbank.

Having access to a review copy is the best way for you to create a review because you can look and feel the product and see how it works, the features and real benefits

Ok let´s move on pick the new battery conditioning course so we’re gonna do is guys I’m gonna go over to youtube we’re in the trending I’m actually type in new battery reconditioning course where’s my beginning course we’re Justin enter that keywords. I can see that Google  give us about four thousand results, so we’re gonna click the first video by open it in a new tab.

This is the video of course guys this isn’t like a very good camera or anything you’re justlike you know a very basic video I’ve been pretty much talking about the easybattery reconditioning course which like
I said is gonna be this course right over here getting out to Clickbank
products what this person did was they made a 14 minute video pretty much just talking about the course reviewing it where she got ninety seven thousand views that’s of course very good what they have done here guys in the description is now download the e-bookof easy battery conditioning leave a bitly link and let’s just go ahead and click that and see where it brings us so once we go over this tab over here as it loads land takes me  to the  battery conditioning website  or the affiliate page for the Clickbank product.

This is like a double check though guys,  we’re gonna come back over to Clickbank page, where  I’m gonna open this tab and like I said guys
it is the exact same web page of course,  let me pull it over there yeah this is the exact same webpage the only difference is the link up here guys you see this is the link I clicked just for off Clickbank and then we’re here guys, the link that I actually collect from the YouTube video is gonna be right over here you an see like this end tab right here where it says the refer because of course guys this link down here is a course gonna be this person’s affiliate link that they got straight from Clickbank.

what they did guys is exactly I’m telling you guys to do now they went over to Clickbank they found this product I’m assuming the other bought the product or they got our free review copy from their affiliate team they went over they went throughthe product with the course now actually did some stuff themselves and then they made a review video on their review it got 97 thousand views and after thatguys after the review video was made and uploaded only has to do was put therefor the link in the description that way when potential buyers people who wereactually interested in buying this course are looking on YouTube for somestuff about you know obviously when
you’re looking to purchase something alot of times.

You gonna look up a review of it before we actually go ahead andpurchase what this person did was the perfect thing they could have they gotright in between the customer and the actual supplier or in this case you knowthe company who makes the product of course guys I don’t know exactly howmuch money this person made off of this movie video but I’m gonna show you guysa really interesting trick really fast

I’m gonna just copy this person’s bitly link I’m gonna go over here and then paste it right there so what I’m actually gonna do guys is I’m actually add a plus to this and what this isgonna do is it’s gonna actually show me how many clicks and things of thatnature it got so it’s actually a really interesting trick a lot of people necessarily don’t know about this
because you guys of course if I just putthe rest up paste a link in there and just press go it’ll bring me straight tothe affiliate page but if I press if I go ahead and paste in there but thenalso put a plus at the end it’ll bring
to this board page where I’d like to tell me how many clicks he got so far.

This person actually created that link on august 11 20 2016 and since then guys since he created the link it’s gone about 2688 clicks over that time you guys can see on here like little bargraph showing how many clicks against month-to-month and guys it’s gettingabout a hundred clicks a month a little your give or take on depending on the month and right there you can actually see that this is gonna be a Clickbank link so this person is doing exactly what I’m talking about guys.

They went over to Clickbank out their affiliate link made the video made thisbilling like put this link in the description and then right off just offthat guy’s they got over two thousand and six hundred clicks just off that soguys let’s just say like one percent of all people who click this link actuallyconverted that still like twenty six people and then guys let’s see averagesale price forty eight dollars forty eight I’m 26 that’s gonna be a littlebit over twelve hundred dollars guys which of course is not an insane amount of money but that’s definitely a really good amount and guys there’s a goodchance of this product actually converted up way more than one percent  I’m just giving the example of his
one percent of people who actuallyclicked through this look bitly link
actually what happened purchased aproduct this person who made the video would have made about twelve hundreddollars just off this one video alone they posted two years ago which ofcourse guys and it’s not an insane amount of money but it’s definitely areally good amount of money you have to remember guys this is using completelyfree traffic this person does leverage YouTube which is a completely free platform to use got about ninety seven thousand views and probably made at least a thousand or two thousand dollars yourself as one video alone and guys you can do some multiple affiliate products and guys the key here is you can actually do this for way more than just want to fill it off for Clickbank product.

You can do this for as many as you want I’m gonna show you another example,  alright  we’re not being as close all those tabs up there I’m gonna show you this one more example just so I can show you  that I know this really works people are really doing this to make some money online so just pick the next one down here the lean belly breakthrough name thing let’s go over to YouTube type that in I’m right it’s right there at the top type that right there lean belly breakthrough about fifteen thousand results this time a little bit more.

Just go ahead and click this person’s video down here some looks good organic supplements review it’s about ayear ago has 18 K views and here we are guys with another video this person kindof just making a review of this Clickbank product talking about it intheir video and then of course when we scroll down first link again is gonna be right there.

Let’s click that and I’d imagine all of you can guess this that it’s actually to bring us straight to the lean belly break throug the affiliate page so show you guys it’s the same page again look it over to Clickbank and open it in a new tab again and yeah guys it’s the same exact website.

Again guys she’s linking a straight to the lean belly breakthrough fluid offer page or course again this one got about eighteen thousand views not as many as the last one this definitely add a lot of use I’m gonna show you guys the same exact trick again with this Bitlly link I’m gonna copy that and just paste it and then like I said before, you know what out of plus at the end that’s just a cool little bitly hack that I learned a while back you can use two if you want definitely check that out and guys same thing another link again it’s gonna be a Clickbank link as you can see got about five hundred clicks it’s getting about what thirty clicks a month which isn’t insane but it’s awfully not bad about five hundred clicks.

Again like I said before will use the same example of just one percent if just 1% of what people who click this link actually went ahead and purchased that be about 5. 8 let’s just go ahead and average sale price thirty five times five she would have probably made about two hundred dollars at least off this video if we just converted I like a one percent almost two percent but which again it’s not an insane amount of money but it’s definitely not bad especially when you realize you’re using completely free traffic.

Because you’re leveraging a completely free platform right there of course making a few extra hundred dollars just by making only a fifty eight seconds video,  a minute long and she probably made a few hundred dollars of it which of course is fantastic and it’s exactly what  you gonna be doing guys.

You just need to go Clickbank , find some products and again guys you
don’t have to spend a dollar of your money buying these Clickbank products because you must be asking a review copy to learn about the product yourself.

Then with the reviewcopy from these companies and these brands that are on Clickbank, once you actually have the review copy of the
Clickbank product in your hands you’regonna look through the product and give it a nice and honest review and create a YouTube video or a review article you have go ahead and put your affiliate link in the description.

People are gonna come over looking for the product they’re looking for reviews, they’re gonna find yours and gonna watch your video and maybe they like what you ever say maybe they don’t but they’re gonna go aheadand click your link in your video description go ahead and purchase threea link and right there guys you just earned a really easy really simplea affiliate Commission and that you have it, this is all there is to it.

As you could see, to make money on Clickbank without a website it’s that simple like three or four step process all you have to do, my name is Ching Yua and  I will see you in the next one.