How to Get Paid To Review Products | 3 Ways To Make Money Reviewing Products on Youtube

3 ways to make money reviewing products on YouTube.

In this video, I’m gonna talk about how to make money reviewing products on YouTube and share the three best waysto get started. Coming up.

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So if you’re new here, consider subscribing. So, you’re watching this video to try to figure outhow to get paid to do product reviewsand doing product reviews on YouTubeis one of the best ways. You may have seen that a lot of peoplebuild their income this wayin all types of different niches, right?

Whether you do beauty videos,there’s all kinds of products there. Obviously the tech space,but even people who are doing home decor, fitnessliterally product reviews
are relevant for every niche because every niche has products. So, we’re gonna talk about  the three ways to really startto get paid, specifically on YouTubeby making simple product reviews.

Number one is actually YouTube ads. So, in this case, you’re not really getting paidto review the product,you’re getting paid because the video is getting views. But make no mistake, if you pick the right productand it starts to get a lot of views,you could make a lot of money from that. For example, I did a video called,How to do Snapchat with no hands.

Now, it was more of a tutorial videobut it reviewed a Bluetooth remote in the videoand the video got a lot of views. So far that video has earned about $100 here in the U. S. And so that’s real moneyand it’s a product review/tutorialbut it is actually earning incomethus, I’m getting paid.

The second way to get paid to do product reviewsis actually with affiliate marketing. And so, you can review anything that you own alreadyand one of my favorite
sites for this is Amazon. com.  So if you sign up there for the Amazon associates program,and I’ll link up everything I’m talking aboutin the description below of this videothen you can get your account approvedand then you get your own custom link.

So, using that Snapchat example video,How to Snapchat with no hands,the remote I mentioned in that videoI can then put a link in the descriptionand if anybody clicks on that link and purchases itI get a percentage of that sale. And so, now when you’re
reviewing product reviewsthrough affiliate marketing,you could build your income even more.

And actually what’s really coolon sites like Amazon, is that when someone clicks on that link,you actually get credit for 24 hourson anything they purchase. So, for instance, if they were to get that Bluetooth remote,which is only like 6 buckswe get a little bit of a commission. But then if they were to be doing shoppingfor a family member or somethingand bought them an Xbox,you’d get credit for that too. So, this begins to stack and build momentum over timeas you post more videos.

And then the third way to get paid to do product reviews,is maybe why you even
searched for this video,like you actually are getting paid to do a product review by the brand. And so, this could work a couple different ways. There’s sites like Famebit,which is one of my favoritesand I’ll link it up in the description below. And it’s a site I use. And what you do is you actually go to their marketplaceand there’s a whole bunch of brands in pets,in fitness, in tech, in lifestyle, in healthyou know, and you can categorize it downand then what you can do is apply to work with a brandto actually create a video where they pay you.

And a lot of times it stacks at this point. They’re probably gonna send you the product for free,you’re gonna get paid to produce the video,and then you also could
do affiliate marketing. So, you can kinda get paid in like multiple different waysand YouTube ads,so that’s like four different ways, right? Or sometimes you can actually
work directly with a company.

Now my advice here is that it’s so importantto build your influence first. You know, work on adding value,work on just putting out great videos,work on reviewing stuff you already haveor stuff that you’re buying. And then once you have influence,once you have momentum and your audience is growing, then these types of deals
start to come to you and you can even reach out to brands on Twitter,just emailing them and start to work out dealswhere you actually get paid to review cool productsthat add value to your audiencethat are in your niche, that you love yourselfand so it becomes super, super cool.

So hey, those are the three tipsand if you’re actually interestedin learning more about profiting from product reviews,I actually did a free trainingwhere I break down really how I’ve done thisand I actually built a full-time income basicallyoff of product reviews.

So, it’s kinda got a case studyand some of my best tipsand you can watch that exclusive video,that private video,at createawesomereviews. com. I’ll link it up in the description,as well as on the YouTube card as wellif you want to check it out. Question of the day,What do you think makes an awesome product review?Let me know in the comments belowand remember that some of the best tips and feedbackcome from you, the Think Media TV community.

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building their income onlinewith YouTube and actually, I also have a playlistwith all of my best tips for how to get free stufffrom Amazon,how to do product reviews, kinda just all the things that I’ve learnedfrom doing this for a few years now. So, I’ll link up that playlist.

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