How To Make $2500/mo With FREE Instagram Influencer Marketing

Using Instagram influencers to drive traffic to your business or Shopify store is nothing new. It’s effective, it’s fast, it’s easy and even today it’s still one of the most underpriced ways to drive sales to your business.

Hey my name is Matthew Sabia in this video I’m going to be showing you guys how toget Instagram Influencers to promote your
website or products completely free.

Okay so we all know that using social media influencers to drive attention to your productor service is one of he fastest, most effective and even to this day one of the most costeffective ways of driving sales into your business.

But here’s the thing. If you guys are just starting out like I was
at one point I totally get where you’recoming from. That  $500-$1000 or whatever it may be to get Sommer Ray to promote your new fitness productin a post on her page is kind of a big upfront cost.

So what I’ll be teaching you guys in this video is how to leverage hundreds if not thousandsof what I’m calling “micro-influencers”
to promote your products for free.

What you’re going to be doing is reaching out to smaller Instagram influencers withfive to ten thousand followers and offering
them in exchange for posting about your productsand putting a link in their bio, a commission for every time they sell one of your productsthrough their link or sign up for your service.

Now believe it or not this is actually way more effective than it sounds. It is a numbers game though, but once you’ve
put in the work it’s actually a nice passiveway to drive new leads and traffic to your business.

I mean once they set this up on their profiles they’re going to keep promoting it if itworks. So why exactly is this so effective? Well A: a lot of these smaller influencers aren’t making that much money off of theirprofiles as it is.

So when you propose something like this to them it’s pretty smart for them to lookinto. And B: A lot of these other influencers aren’t
even in the game to make money to begin with. A lot of the people who run these Instagram profiles around a certain niche are just reallypassionate about what they do and the very concept of making money Instagram, in thewords of Jamie Lewis, it’s very exciting. Now,

I know a lot of you guys run Shopify stores and eCommerce businesses. That’s a big part of my following. So in this particular video when we hop onto my computer here I’m going to show you howto do it with a Shopify business. I’m going to show you step by step, we’re going to take care of everything.

You’re going to watch right over my shoulder. So I’m going to show you how to set up an affiliate referral program for a Shopify store. So you send them a link to sign up when you reach out to them and it basically handleseverything.

The commission structures, the payouts, everything is right there and it even makes accountsso you’re good to go with that. I’m going to show you how to find the exact influencers to target and how to get giantlists of them, and then last but not least I’m going to show you how to contact theseinfluencers hundreds and hundreds at a time in a very ethical way through email.

So it’s actually a little bit easier than I’m kind of making it sound. It is. a lot of grunt work, but it’s not as bad as you may think. So, on that note, let’s hop onto my computer and let’s get started.

Okay so before we start contacting influencers we need to set up the actual affiliate programinside of your Shopify store. So when the influencer shares your product they can actually earn that commission. They can login, they can see their numbers,
and it’s all pretty much done for you likea lot of other things with Shopify. So what we want to do is navigate over to
the Shopify App Store. So it’s apps. myshopfiy. com and we’re just
going to go up here and search for “affiliate”Now to be completely honest a lot of these
apps to the exact same thing at the end ofthe day. Some of the paid ones have a lot better features
in them if you’re doing mass campaigns forexample. A recommend using GrowSumo. This is the affiliate app that we use in a
lot more of our established stores where we’redoing big influencer marketing campaigns and
we have a lot of people in the network. It keeps it more organized, it’s easer to
manage, but it does come at a pretty highprice. So what we’re going to be using for this
video and it’s great if you’re startingout is this one right here I’ve used before. It’s “Affiliate by AAAwebstore” or AAA
Affiliate whatever you want to call it. So this one here is free up to 100 affiliates
which is more than enough to get you startedand even after that if you still just have
a small budget, but you want to expand more,their basic plan is actually kind of cheap,
but we’re just going to be using the freeone for this example. So I’m going to click on get, we’re going
to login to our Shopify store and we’regoing to click on Install app. Now on this page that actually have a pretty
simple little setup guide here. And the first thing we want to do is take
this link right here, copy it somewhere becausethis is actually the link you’re going to
be sending influencers to sign up to youraffiliate program with. And we also want to add it like they recommend
here to your navigation bar. Maybe they’re not even an influencer , they
just want to get a little commission whenthey refer your products to their fiends. They click up there, sign up for an account
and they’re good to go. So I’m going to copy this and make a quick
note. And I’m also going to take a look at and
show you guys what it looks like here, I’mgoing to open it up. And all it is, is a simple little sign up
page for your affiliate program so they comehere, they make accounts they can login whenever
they want. But I’m going to close that right now and
we’re going to add it to our navigation. So I’ve already copied the link so I’ll
navigate over to our Shopify dashboard. We’ll go to our main menu and we’re going
to add that link in right here so let’sgo, referral program, we’ll select that
page which it creates automatically. I’ve been testing some other plugins on
here to see which was the best free one foryou guys, but it’s going to be this latest
one right here. So I’m going to click on add. We’ll go save menu and now when someone
comes to this website there’s going to bethis referral program link. They can sign up and you’re pretty much
all set. Now I’m going to close out of that, but
first we’re going to hop back into our commissionapp, we’re going to setup our commission
rate and we’re also going to give peoplesome resources and some posts they can share
on their Instagram page and things that theycan download right from inside their affiliate
account. So it’s pretty cool, if someone signs up
to be an affiliate for your store you don’thave to, you know, recommend to them what
to post, they don’t need to come up withit themselves, so you’re removing that barrier
to entry and all they have to do is go downloadthe posts, throw them up there with the link
and you’re all set. So we’re going to head over to commission
on the left hand side and we’re going tostart out at the default 40% commission right
here. The more customers an influencer refers with
this app and the same works for a lot of others,the more they’re going to earn per sale. So as you can see this ups the percentage
a little bit for each level. For these right here, this is actually pretty
standard and I recommend just leaving theseas is. If you want to change them that’s fine. If you’re selling a lower margin product,
you know, maybe you want to offer a littlebit of a higher percentage so theres more
incentive for them to promote it. If it’s a higher ticket item and it costs
you a lot more to produce and ship to people,you’ll want that a bit lower. But with that said I’m going to leave everything
here as is and we’re going to move on toresourcesI already have this post right here which
we’re going to be using in this video andthe store we’re using as the example right
here is a Himalayan pink salt lamp magic supervegan bullshit, okay whatever these things
are, they work well on instagram, it’s whatwe’re using in the example, everybody shut
up. By the way, I actually own one of these salt
lamps, it was given to me by a good friend. I like the way they look, but I’m sure everything,
there’s probably no salt in the Himalayas. I don’t care. Let’s move on with the video. So I’m going to go upload file, I’m going
to select that image right there. I’m going to click on choose, and there
we go. Now we can also upload a little caption for
it, so “Get these new pink salt bowl lampsfrom The Himalayan Glow starting at just $34. 99
plus free shipping this week. Click the link in our bio. ”By the way, these things are selling like
crazy. I have couple of clients who sell these and
this store I’m setting up right here. They really can work pretty well on Instagram
and it’s also a big Pinterest thing. So if you guys are into Pinterest marketing
or have big accounts, maybe consider settingup a drop shipping store for these. It is one of those things that’s only going
to be a fad for a little bit, I know thisis going to die out, but you know, if you
guys can go in and make some money off ofit, great. Good on you. But I’m going to finish this caption here. Let’s go with the little fire icon there. That looks kind of cool. So once we have that I’m going to click
on submit and there we go your resource hasbeen submitted successfully. So you can go in and add a bunch more of those. I know some of the other apps even give you
the option to upload like story templates. You can do it here, but they’re just mixed
in with everything else. You know, guys like I said, all these things
basically do the same thing at the end ofthe day all these affiliate plugins, that’s
pretty much it so for this right here that’sall we have to do. You can go into manage emails, these are the
automatic emails it’s going to send outwhen someone sings up for your affiliate program,
the emails it sends them when they earn acommission, things like that. You can go and customize these, but these
are pretty much fine. And we’re going to get into the actual emails
you will be sending influencers in just aminute here so you guys can look through everything
else here. If there’s something else you want to customize
that’s fine, but for what we’re doinghere you’re pretty much set. So on you’re home page here you can see
how many affiliates you have, all their information,how much commission they’ve earned if you
want to use that as an incentive for peopleto sign up down the road, whatever you want
to do. That’s how you set up an affiliate program
in a Shopify store. Alright so now that you have your affiliate
program set up in your store how do you actuallystart recruiting influencers to be affiliates
for your products?How do you find the right people and more
importantly how to do you actually find theircontact information to start reaching out
to them?Now obviously you can do this manually by
just pulling out your phone and starting tocontact people which I’ll actually go over
here in a minute, but theres this cool toolcalled Deep. Social that we’ve been using
for the past couple of months. It’s completely free to start using we’re
not partnered with them in any way and thefree account is actually fully featured they
just limit how many people you can look upat a time and some other things like that. So to get started with that we’re going
to head over to Deep. Social I’m alreadysigned into my account. I just created a new one for the sake of this
video and we’re going to head over to InfluencerIdentification. And by the way to create an account you don’t
even need to fill anything out you just signin with your Google account or anything else
like that so here we are on their main dashboard. Now basically what this is, is a search engine
that’s very detailed to find Instagram influencers. You can narrow it down by a hashtag or a term
they have in their bio, their location, language,what brands their interested in, what brands
their followers are interested in which they’reactually using some pretty deep kind of AI
technology to find out a lot of this stuff. I saw a post on one of the pages before, I
don’t know if it’s actually Deep Mindor whatever else they’re using. You can also target by interest, gender, ethnicity,
age and more importantly and this is whatwe’re going to be using for this search
right here, you can search by what’s intheir bio and how many followers they have. Now we’re targeting smaller influencers
who won’t want to get paid upfront, butwill probably accept a commission for promoting
your products. So what we’re going to do to promote these
salt lamp products is, I’m going to go uphere and I’m going to search for the term
“lifestyle”. This is actually a pretty common term that
we’ve had some success with promoting theseproducts. So you know, people calling themselves “lifestyle
influencers” or lifestyle blogs or brandsor whatever, something like that. Oh here we go!So they’re using something called “Topic
Tensor” so I guess it’s like a tensorflow AI kind of thing so it’s actually pretty
interesting. I don’t know exactly how deep that’s integrated
into this or if it’s just like a marketingthing, but that is pretty cool. So we’re using AI to find influencers now. It’s a new world. I was just joking with my buddy Jamie the
other day about that.

What we’re going to do now is go over to
followers and we’re going to look for influencerswith 5,000 followers to 10,000 followers. So again people who are small enough to maybe
not even be making money off their pages soit’s going to be a kind of cool opportunity
for them to look at. Maybe make some money off their page for the
first time. But at the same time, they’re large enough
to have a good audience that if we reallystack up a couple of these and you have a
lot of smaller accounts promoting your products,you can get some decent traffic. What Deep Social is going to let you do is
go down and really do these deep analyzationsof all these different influencers about their
engagement and where their followers comefrom, but for what we’re going here we don’t
need to get too in-depth on that. You can go in here and just filter down their
engagement a little more like that, but allwe’re going to do right now is make a list
of these people and start contacting them.


This is just specific enough to do what we
need to do. And again, if you do a mass amount of these
you’re going to get some good results. One thing you want to do before we export
this list is go up to this button right hereand we won’t to only filter out people who
actually have contact details. You know, for obvious reasons that’s going
to be pretty helpful for what we’re doingright here. And once you’ve done that you can just go
to export search results.

Now Deep Social uses this credit based system
where you export and do certain actions ora certain amount of them based on how many
credits you have and you spend them and whatever,but the credits themselves are pretty cheap. We do have a main account where we’re doing
that. It’s definitely worth it if you’re doing
a lot of influencer marketing stuff, but ifnot a free account let’s you export quote
a few and, I don’t know just go keep creatingfree accounts, be a cheap ass, do whatever
you want to do. What we’re going to do here is, let’s
export a good list of let’s see, I thinkwe can max this out at 250 with these 5 credits
right now. You want to include the contact details obviously
and okay yeah, 5 credits is going to giveyou 250 people. More than enough to start with. So we’re going to click on export. We’re going to let that run and you want
to download a CSV file so like a standardspreadsheet that you would open in excel,
or Google Docs or something like that. Because we’re going to need that in the
next step. So I”m going to click on that, download
that. Now before before we move on I want to show
you guys once quick trick I found for doingthis manually on your phone. If you don’t want to use or you can’t
afford a tool like Deep Social or one of theseother things, let me show you a way to do
this manually right on your phone.

So I’m gong to minimize this right here
and let me bring up my screen recording. So here I am on Instagram and let’s say
we’re running a fitness page. So I’ll go over to search and let’s say,
let’s look up, uh, Gregory Ogallagher. So from Kinobody here on YouTube, a lot of
great content by the way. Shoutout to my man Greg. Now what you could do is click on this small
arrow right here next to the person’s name. Now a lot of you guys already know this, you
probably use this all the time, but here’sthe thing. If you keep going down in these search results,
and you keep going and going, you’re goingto start seeing smaller and smaller influencers.

So if I keep going down here eventually we’re
going to run into someone in the range thatwe’re looking for. So eventually you’re going to start coming
across people like this. Now what you can do is just take the email
or the DM template that I’m going to giveyou guys here in the next step of this video,
go up to their profile click Send Messageand just start contacting people that way. It’s long, it’s tedious but if you guys
want to get anywhere you gotta grind out sometimes. Especially if you can’t afford a tool, if
you’re just starting out, you gotta putin the hours, no excuses. That’s what you gotta do. But if you guys want to find micro-influencers
manually, this is a great way to do it. Alright guys last but not least I’m going
to show you guys how to contact these micro-influencers,what to send to them, how to receipt them
into your affiliate program, a free trickthat I found to contact hundreds if not thousands
of them all at once and all you have to dois repeat this method over and over again. So we have our spreadsheet here we downloaded
from Deep Social, but we have to upload itinto something like Google Sheets or Google
Docs to make it a little bit more manageable. So I’m going to open that up right here,
I’m going to sign into Google Sheets and…oh… oh. Let me just uh…Okay so we’re going to upload a new file
an I’m just going to drag that CSV fileright in here. We’ll let that upload and as you guys can
see we have this list of really detailed dataon all of these micro-influencers including
their Instagram profile URL, their username,their email address, their first or last name,
their contact info, the kind of things theirinterested in, what brands that are associated
with their account and their audience. This is really really valuable stuff that
you can just go out there and scrape all ofthis for free. But for what we’re doing here, one, this
is kind of overkill and this isn’t reallyusable unless we’re going to go in here
and email these people one by one which don’tworry, you do not have to do. What we want to do is send out what’s called
a mail merge. A mail merge is a cold email technique that
a lot of professional agencies use to reachout to a lot of people at once through email
and you can even have them really detailedand customized. For my business we use a tool called YesWare. I think it’s very underpriced. You can even do these really detailed mail
merges where you can send sequences of emails. You can program login into them so if the
client replies to an email don’t send themanother one, if they don’t reply or don’t
open it for so many days send them this one,like you can do a lot of great stuff, it plugs
right into your Gmail account. So if you have something like this, this is
differently the tool that you want to usefor this data. But I always like to show you guys who are
just starting out a free way to do all thisstuff. Thankfully, there is a free add-on for Google
Sheets that’s called Mail Merge With Attachments. I’m going to put the link to this down in
the video description and this essentiallywill let you do a very simplified version
of a mail merge like YesWare or some othersoftware would do, but it’s completely free
so I’m going to click on the install buttonlet’s get that in there, I’m going to
click on continue. We’ll give it permission in the account
and now we have that installed. Cool. So I’m going to close out these tabs I’m
going to go back to out main sheet right hereand what we’re going to do is I’ll go
up to add-ons and you’re going to see mailmerge with attachments. So what we’ll do from here is click on mail
merge template and what that’s going todo is it’s going to add a new tab into that
same spreadsheet with the format you’regoing to need to send these out. So mail merges actually can get very complicated
especially if you’re doing a lot of customizationsso inserting the person’s first and last
name, their business name, or let’s saytheir Instagram username like we’re going
to do here. We’re only going to go a few levels deep
on customization, but these can get very complicatedand it’s a great skill to learn. Honestly, I may make a video on how to send
cold emails like that. It’s extremely effective, we’ve grown
our marketing agency to over six-figures justwith cold email alone. It’s really astonishing what you can do
if you’re just willing to put in the work. What we need to do right now if we want to
go back to our tab right here and we wantto find the column with their emails. I’m going to click on the top one right
here, we’re going to scroll down to thelast one on the list, hold down shift, click
that one and Command + C to copy and we’rejust going to paste that into the email column
in the template. So there we go. Now what we also want to do is, I’m going
to go back here and we’re going to do thesame thing with the Instagram account’s
username. So I’m going to click the top one, scroll
down to the bottom, we’re going to copythat and now obviously this template doesn’t
have any Instagram username section, but itactually doesn’t matter. We’re just going to use the last name section
for that. So I’ll go here and I’ll paste those in,
and the last thing we need to do is unfortunatelythe only real grueling part of this whole
process. Collecting the person’s first name. Now my for my opinion, when doing this, this
really is something you want to do, the morepersonalized you can make the emails the more
effective they’re going to be and the betterresponse rate you’re going to get. And one thing to remember to guys is, all
these email addresses are on these Instagramprofiles for business inquiries, so it may
not seem as much like spam as you might thinkit will. If we go back to our sheet here you’re going
to see that the full name right here is notreally the person’s name and you can’t
really use these names right here. It’s not exactly going to look very professional. Now it’s very important to understand the
email tempalte that you’re going to be using. This is the one that I’m going to use for
these and I’ll paste this down in the descriptionfor you guys to copy and use yourself. It goes, hey {{first name}}, so it’s going
to take whatever is in this first field forthat contact right there. My name is Matt and we run a store called
The Himalayan Glow where we sell pink saltlamps all over the world. We came across your Instagram page, and what
I did with this tag here is I put the @ signso that’s always going to go directly before
this tag with no spaces and it’s going totake the Instagram username from the last
name column. Because it that’s where we pasted it. So we came across your Instagram page, and
then insert their name right there today andwanted to know if you wanted to earn some
money from it. We got the emoji in there. All you would need to do is put our custom
link in your bio and maybe share a coupleof posts about our products which we’ll
provide everything. You’ll get 40% of every item sold through
your link straight to your PayPal or bankaccount every month. If you’re interested, just go here and create
a free account on our website. And what you want to do there is insert your
affiliate sign up link that I showed you guyshow to make in the first part of the video. So we have thanks, Matt, the name of our store. So how do we get these people’s first names?Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy way
to do this for this one so all you’re honestlygoing to do is, well, this guy’s name looks
like it’s Rich, here we have uh, Laurenand if there isn’t obvious name in the mail
or the username, just type Guys. Because again, understanding your template
is important. If it says “Hey Guys” it’s obviously
not as personalized as you would like it tobe, but it still works. So if theres no obvious name, just put guys,
that’s fine. This is Ivan, this one here is going to be
guys, guys again, this person’s name isJulia, we have Antonio. Petar, Peter?Peter?Pete?Pete?Another guys, we’ll do it again. This guys
name is Micheal and you guys essentially getthe point so as you can see I just did 15
right there. Didn’t take that long. It’s definitely worth the work if you put
it in and you just want to go in and fillout this entire sheet. Once you’ve done that, how do we actually
take this and send it as an email to all ofthese contacts?You’ll go back up to add-ons, mail merge,
configure mail merge. Now the plugin is going to send this from
the email address associated with your GoogleAccount so make sure you’re logged in to
your business account for the store that you’repromoting. Now believe it or not this simple plugin actually
does allow you to track link clicks and emailopens. So it’ll give you a notification every time
someone opens your email or every time someoneclicks on your affiliate link so that’s
pretty cool. Again, if you have more professional software
though, that’s kind of a give in. Apparently they want you to upgrade to do
that or something, but it’s not really abig deal for this. We’ll just click on continue. Now we’ll go up to select an email template
and we’re going to go write our own. So I’m going to copy this one. Again down in the description. You guys can grab that. I’ll paste it in here and for the subject
line what I want to do is business proposalfor and let’s go with their Instagram username. Which in this case we put under the last name
field. Which we just went overWe’ll double check this right here. You can send a test email if you want just
to make sure all your tags are working andeverything and once we have everything all
set you just want to go and click on run mailmerge. And that’s pretty much it there we go so
I went into my Google Account and I lookedat one of these emails it started to send
out. I started and stopped it obviously I don’t
want to bother these people for a store thatwe’re just using as an example. But as you can see what it did right here
is Hey Rich, my name is Matt I run a storecalled blah blah blah, we came across your
Instagram page, it put his username in thereperfectly, also did the same thing for the
subject line. So just like that within a matter of 20-30
minutes you just sent 250+ emails out to abunch of micro-influencers to recruit them
into your affiliate program. So you can send those out on mass, if you
do want to do it manually on your phone andyou don’t want to use these tools you’re
more than welcome, just go and paste thistemplate or whatever you’re using in your
notes on your phone, copy and paste this intothe DMs. Just make sure you switch it up once and a
while because Instagram will ban you and withgood reason. You know, don’t just go and spam people
too much. I know you could argue that we’re kind of
doing that here, but we’re doing a genuinething, it’s an actual proposal. All we’re doing like I said in my last video
is using automation to do something that wewould do ourselves or have an employee do. But just use your own gut, but that pretty
much wraps this up. So now that we have email covered there’s
one last thing I want to show you guys too. If we go back to our Deep Social data here,
we’ll go back to our main sheet and we expandthe contacts column right here, you’re going
to see the tool also scrapes phone numbersand if you want to just get these on your
phone, if you go to sometimes a business profileon Instagram you’ll see a little call button
or send a message button or it depends onthe way they have it set up, but you can get
these without using a tool like this too,you can do it right in Instagram. If we start taking these here, what I want
you guys to do is just go down this list copythese numbers, we’ll note the name and you’re
just going to want to go into your messagesapp or you can just do this on your phone. I’m going to paste it in here and we’re
going to go, Hey James, just sent you guysan email about a business proposal for your
Instagram account. Get back to me ASAP. So you guys can go down that same list that
we scraped that we sent the emails with andgo and just contact all these people by text
by phone, whatever you want to doNow if you’re going too be one of those
people where you’re like, oh I don’t wantto use my personal phone number, this and
that, one, get over yourself, get a life andtwo, stop making excuses. Go out there, and do some work. Now that pretty much concludes everything
that I wanted to show you guys. That’s how you can go find the perfect influencers
to target, how to get their contact info,how to send proposals to them and start implementing
this method in your own business. So I really hope you guys got something out
of this video. If you liked this video, click the like button
down below and click subscribe if you wantto see more videos like this. I plan on making a lot more of these this
year to help you guys out and show you somemore of my methods like this. And if you have any kind of question at all,
you want my opinion on something, or if theresanything related to the video, leave a comment
down below. At least for right now I’m actually able
to keep up with almost every single commentand get back to you guys as soon as I can. If it’s something a little ore personal
reach out to me via email it’s right hereon my profile or shoot me a DM on Instagram
or whatever you guys want and I’ll get backto you there. So again, I hope you guys got something out
of this video, go employ this tactic in yourown business, whether you’re just starting
out or whether you’re established, thiskind of works for everybody so I hope this
grows your business and you guys have a fantasticday. My name is Matthew Sabia and I’ll see you
next time. Alright for all you cynical f*cks, here’s
the salt lamp. Look there it is. Wasn’t making it up. There. Salt lamp. Boom. Even the cat likes it.



But if you’re just starting out or just want to test a product, $300-$500 can still be a lot of money to spend up front. When you think of an Instagram influencer you think of somebody with a massive page with millions of followers and it’s probably their full-time job.

But what if I told you smaller users with 10-20 thousand followers could be just as, if not more effective and they’ll promote your website for FREE?

I call it “Micro-Influencer Marketing” What you’re going to do is contact smaller influencers with 5k-10k followers and offer them a commission for each product they sell through their custom link in exchange for sharing it on their profile. Why does this convert so well?

Keep in mind that people in this range probably aren’t making much from their pages and some aren’t even in the game to make money at all. So proposing a way to make some extra cash from their passion is a pretty tempting offer.


There are multiple great apps for setting up an affiliate program in Shopify, but the one we’ll be using is free and effective. 👉Affiliate by AAAwebtore App 1. Install the app in your store 2. Setup your affiliate commission rates 3. Customize your automatic emails 4. Grab your affiliate signup link. 5. Add signup link to your store navigation

STEP 2 START COLLECTING A LIST OF MICRO-INFLUENCERS 👩‍💻 You can either do this by hand on your phone and enter the details into a spreadsheet, or use a free tool like Deep Social to do the work for you. 👉 Deep Social 👉 Grin (Another Influencer Search Tool) Remember, you’re looking for people in your niche with 5,000 – 10,000 followers. You can either enter this information into a Deep Social search or do it manually on your phone. To start finding smaller profiles, simply go to one of the bigger influencers in your niche and keep clicking the down arrow (🔽) until you see what you’re looking for.

STEP 3 – CONTACT YOUR NEW LIST OF INFLUENCERS ✉ Once you have a list collected it’s time to start recruiting these people into your affiliate program. The way you’re going to do this is by sending out what’s called a “mail merge” to everybody on your list. Mail merges are a great way to send mass amounts of personalized cold emails all at once and can save you hours of work.

You can use a professional tool like YesWare that is loaded with additional features for follow-ups, link tracking etc, but you can also use a basic free plugin like the one I’ll link below to get started. 👉 Mail Merge With Attachments (Google Sheets App) 👉 YesWare 👉 SalesHandy (Another great cold email tool)

Below is the email template I used in the video. It’s simple to the point and I’ve gotten some good results with it. Just replace everything in brackets with your own information. Just format your sheet to match the templates they give you, run a test and send them on their way.

You can also copy a similar message to the one pasted below and DM people right on Instagram, but you’ll need to switch up the wording each time to avoid getting banned and it’s might become hard to keep track of who you’ve already contacted. It’s up to you.

This is the script you can use:

_________________________________________ Hey {{First Name}} My name is (your name) and we run a store called “[YOUR STORE / COMPANY NAME]” where we sell [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE] all over the world. 🔥 We came across your Instagram page @{{Last Name}} today and wanted to know if you wanted to earn some money from it?

All you would need to do is put our custom link in your bio and maybe share a couple of posts about our products (which we’ll provide everything!)

You’ll get 40% of every item sold through your link straight to your PayPal or bank account every month. If you’re interested, just go here and create a free account on our website: [YOUR AFFILIATE SIGN UP LINK] Thanks! – [YOUR NAME] [YOUR STORE / COMPANY NAME] _________________________________________